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5 Genuine Reasons You Need a Professional Dog Walker in NJ

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All of you know that exercise keeps human healthy and fit. The same is applicable to dogs as well. Most of the dog owners in NJ make sure that their dog takes a walk regularly, just to have his or her daily dose of exercise, but they are far from realizing the actual benefits of dog walking in NJ which is more concerned with the physical and mental health of their canine. In their life, the NJ dog owners have so many reasons of not getting enough time for a dog walk; packed schedule, personal health issues, or just looking to relax at home after long working hours!

If you often feel guilty of not acting as a responsible dog owner, you need a professional dog walker in NJ such as Happy Tails to help you truly care for your dog the way it should be! It has long experience and professionalism to make your dog feel better. With Happy Tails’ unfailing love for dogs, it assures to leave a positive impact in your and your furry companion’s lives. Whatever maybe your schedule demands, there will be a smart and reliable dog walker in NJ to take your dog out for a walk even when you are not capable of.

5 Genuine Reasons You Need a Professional Dog Walker in NJ:

1. Better Physical Health:

It is quite obvious. An overweight dog could never be free from breathing, muscle ache and heart problems. However, such issues can be minimized by keeping the dog healthy and fit. A professional dog walker in NJ will take your dog for a walk regularly to help meet its exercise requirements and improve its physical health in general. Dog walking in NJ can be a great option for involving your pet in exercise and reducing various health difficulties that relate to an overweight body. And dog walking is a less harsh activity which does not put pressure on the joints of your dog.

2. Mental Stimulation:

Dogs are more intelligent than average humans. They need to utilize their brain in order to perform at the best of their ability. When your dog takes a walk daily outside your NJ property, it gives an opportunity to engage his or her mind. A dog walker in NJ allows your pet to stimulate his or her senses in a multitude way, while constantly experiencing new sights, sounds and smells.

3. Burning of Extra Energy:

Think collateral issues of anxiety and nuisance behaviors in your dog…like whining, barking, mouthing, chewing, bolting and not obeying your command! You can’t blame your pet fully as it may arise out of your fault. Dogs behave like small children. If you are unable to burn their extra energy in a constructive way, they normally indulge in annoying things. A high level of energy in a dog can end in activities like unnecessary barking, digging, chewing etc. It is more or less recognized as a way to release their extra energy. A dog walking in NJ provides a safe and fun way of releasing high energy in your dog, helping him or her overcome nuisance behaviors.

4. Development of Socializing Skill

When your dog goes out for a walk daily, the dog walker in NJ has the chance to show him or her outer world. Well, maybe the walk limits to the neighboring community, but that will be more than enough for a sensitive animal like a dog! While getting acquainted with the surrounding, your dog constantly experiences all new sounds, smells. And if you decide to hire a professional dog walker in NJ, your dog will enjoy his or her walk with a few other dogs. The stimulation of your dog’s senses will take place as he or she continues walking with friends having the same interests. It will lead to the development of his or her socializing skill.

5. Weight Control and Management:

A chubby dog looks cute, but it is more likely to face many health issues sooner or later. Your love for your dog is boundless and you don’t even think a single time before spoiling him or her with gorgeous treats all the time. This habit may add to your dog’s calories fast, accumulating fat. There is no better way than burning those extra calories to keep your dog fit. By feeding healthy and providing regular walks is the best rule to keep your pet happy.

For all the above reasons you should use a professional dog walker in NJ who can help your dog take a walk while you are not around because he/she can’t go on a walk alone.

Happy Tails specializes in dog walking in New Jersey. It commits to care for your dog the best. Just like you won’t leave your children with a stranger off the street, you may not be expected to leave your pet with anyone who claims to be a dog walker either. Happy Tails doesn’t not just cater to your dog walking needs, but also make them safe and happy too. And you can rely on it not just for professional dog walking service, but also incredible customer support! Be sure that the dog walker in NJ of Happy Tails can share your burden of dog walking while letting you enjoying your time perfectly. To be able to make your dog walk pleasant, schedule a consultation with Happy Tails at (609) 636-6984 or via

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