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Dog Walking – The Best Way to Keep Our Beloved Dogs Fit and Active

Dogs can sense all our emotions and hence are considered the most lovable and trustworthy friends of humans since ages. So isn’t it our duty to return the favor! How? By providing them the proper care they need. Loving them is not just enough, keeping them fit is extremely necessary as well! And dog walking is the best activity that keeps the dogs stay fit and active physically as well as mentally. But due to various factors like hectic schedule and other responsibilities we find it difficult to take time out for our beloved dogs!

And to ease our duty towards our furriest friends, hiring experienced and friendly dog walkers is the best solution. But then how can we trust some stranger when safety of our beloved dog is concerned? Hence we need to ask a few questions that will confirm the authenticity of the dog walkers. Let’s find out what questions are they!

Few of the most important questions are how long have they been in the business and what is their experience with dogs? Do they love dogs? Are they licensed, bonded or insured? Do they walk one dog or more at a time? If they walk more number of dogs then what’s the maximum number? Do they take dogs to the dog parks for walk? As puppies less than 17 weeks of age need to stay away from popular dog areas! What is their protocol during emergencies and also for the disobedient behavior? What sort of communication they maintain? Are they a member of a professional pet sitters association? How do they handle stray dogs? And lastly ask if they offer any trial walks so that you can check their training method.


Choosing the right dog walker for our dogs is one of the most necessary jobs we need to perform to ensure the happiness and safety of our beloved friends. If you are also looking for a dependable and experienced dog walker in NJ then count upon Happy Tails of South Jersey, LLC. Know more at

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