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Top 5 Signs to Hire Professional Dog Walkers in NJ

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Leaving your dog in someone else’s hands can be troublesome task. It’s really difficult to rely on just anyone for your dog. All you need is to look for dog walkers in NJ. They understand your concerns and work really hard to keep you at ease.

5 Signs to Convince You to Hire Dog Walkers in NJ

You may be aware that a 10-20 minute walk in the morning can cover your dog’s needs. But in reality, it’s not true. While some small or older dogs are fine with a short walk, most dogs won’t get as much exercise they need. If any of them sound similar to you, it may be time to hire a professional dog walker in New Jersey:

1. Your dog is looking a little overweight.

If your dog looks a little overweight, first check whether your dog has a medical problem. You may consider diet and exercise modifications, if needed.

2. Your dog is destructive.

More often dog owners don’t know why the dogs chew up couches, beds, pillows, etc. It can be really frustrating, especially if it happens with you. Most of time, the problem is boredom. If you extend an hour of walk, it can exhaust your dog physically and mentally.

3. Your dog is doing potty inside your home.

Do you work for hours? If yes, your dog may unable to hold it until you get back. However, pottying inside the house can be related to a dog’s behavioral problem. Your dog loves you and misses you when you are gone out. With a professional dog walker, the behavior of your dog will become more bearable.

4. Your dog lacks confidence.

Dogs build confidence when they get opportunity to see, smell, and experience different things in different environments. This way, they can be able to learn about different areas of the surroundings. Yet it is another way that daily walks can benefit dogs.

5. You won’t have enough time.

You may feel like you work too much. Your furry friends feel it even more. If you work long hours daily or work on the weekends, a dog walker can be great for exercising and can become a friend also.

You should keep doing your research and interviewing candidates until the right one comes along. Take your enough time and there is little to no oversight in dog walking so you’re in charge of screening the people who will be taking care of your dog.

You need to be careful – which simply means that your dog will be safe and happy during your dog walks. If you take the time to appoint your dog walkers and sitters, you just search over the internet or check for references from friends or relatives. You need to find out more about dog insurance and start the process by receiving a free quote.

Final Consideration –

If you are in search of professional dog walkers in NJ, you should count on Happy Tails! We have extensive years in the industry, providing superior standard dog walking and sitting services in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

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